2017 Vehicle Brochures: Mercedes-Benz USA

Mercedes-Benz USA: 2017 Vehicle Brochures


production design & technical direction

MBUSA sales brochures have the unique challenge of highlighting product strengths and design differences of each vehicle in a fresh and engaging visual narrative each year. A new look and feel is developed annually. Once a visual direction is approved, images are selected to tell the story for each vehicle. All image assets go through an extensive CGI rendering and photo retouching process to achieve product accuracy and optimum image quality. Once a book is fully assembled, it goes to press for 4-color CMYK offset printing, along with a trained designer who troubleshoots color inconsistencies and ensure print quality.


Agency: The Mixx

Creative Direction: Michael Hardman
Art Direction: Danny Jones
Senior Designers: Dean Jenkins, Greg Boreum, Kylene Yen
Photo Retouching: Diadeis NYC


( 1 ) Assembly of raw assets and visual reference into a technical reference guide that specifies the desired make, model, exterior/interior features, package options, and accessories

> Several rounds of retouching occur based on directive feedback to achieve product accuracy and environmental realism

( 2 ) Final asset shown placed in layout with correct representation of color, body styling, and package options for the U.S. market